This Client has a habit of biting her bottom lip and felt as she was getting older her bottom lip was getting thinner (photo 1). She requested Dermal Filler only in her bottom lip (photo 2). The following week she was delighted with the results but wished she had got both lips done. So always happy to help (photo 3).
Anti-Wrinkle treatment to the Frown lines and Forehead lines to reduce the look of tension. Botulinum Toxin Type A (Prescription only medicine) is injected into the muscle to stop nerves from contracting the muscle responsible for deep movement lines. Full effect of treatment can be seen two weeks after.
Popular Crow’s Feet Anti-wrinkle Treatment using Bocouture Botulinum Type A Toxin (Prescription only medicine). Anti-Wrinkle treatment relaxes the muscles that screw the eye shut and pull down the eyebrow. Photos before and 2 weeks after.
Aging of the hands can often give away your age. Prominence of veins, tendons and bony structures become more visible with the loss of subcutaneous tissue.
Dermal Filler treatment to the hands adds volume to the areas of loss to give them back a plumped appearance. Immediate results can be seen in this before and after photo. Results can continue to improve over 6 weeks because this specific Dermal Filler called Radiesse stimulates your own body’s collagen to grow naturally.
Results typically last 12-18 months.
Lovely results for my client who had the Forehead/ Frontalis Anti-Wrinkle treatment.
This Client received Anti-Wrinkle treatment to her frown lines. Photos taken 2 weeks apart. Client attempting same expression in both, but as you can see very little movement 2 weeks later.
For this Client the aim was to minimise harsh lines, whilst still allowing some natural movement. This Anti-Wrinkle treatment has softened the deeper wrinkles and removed the fine lines to leave a natural look. Photos taken on movement before and 3 weeks after.
Anti-Wrinkle treatment to the Glabellar/ Frown lines and Frontalis/ Forehead lines for this lovely Client.
Amazing difference! 
Vertical Glabellar/ Frown lines.
This Client received Anti-Wrinkle injections to prevent her Frown lines. This was a first time treatment for the Client and in order to get the best result she was reviewed after two weeks and a top up given (included in the price). Photos taken before and 4 weeks later.
Glabellar/ Frown lines Anti-Wrinkle treatment.
Reducing wrinkles and softening heavy lines caused when making negative expressions. Photos taken on movement two weeks apart. 
Crow’s Feet/ Orbicularis Oculi treatment.
Fantastic difference in before and 2 week photo. Results started to be seen from 5 days but full effect at 2 weeks. Aesthetics is a growing industry and men as well as women are now having treatments. Why not with results this good?
Lip Augmentation using 1ml of Revolax Fine Dermal filler to create these new lips.
Perioral and Lip Dermal Filler
Platysmal bands treatment using Bocouture (prescription only medicine). Necks can hold a lot of tension and the muscles contracting can cause an appearance of excess skin. Once treated this area relaxes and skin appears smoother and more youthful. Peak results can be seen at 4 weeks. Photos taken before and 3 weeks post treatment.
This Client received the Platysmal bands treatment using Bocouture (prescription only medicine). These photos show how this technique can be used to improve the creases and lines of the neck. Photos taken before and 3 weeks post treatment.
This Client wanted to improve the appearance of her Marionette lines. !ml of Revolax Deep Dermal Filler was used to add volume to this area. Photos taken before, immediately after and 3 weeks after treatment.
This Client had facial lines of varying depths. For the Nasolabial folds we chose 1ml of Revolax SUB-Q Dermal Filler for the more deep part and 0.5ml Revolax Deep Dermal Filler for the more shallow part. For the Marionette lines we chose 1ml Revolax Deep Dermal Filler. Photos were taken 5 weeks apart.
0.5ml Dermal Filler Revolax Deep photos taken before and 10 days post treatment
0.5ml Dermal Filler Revolax Deep photos taken before and immediately after
1ml of Dermal Filler Revolax Fine photos taken before, immediately after and 10 days after treatment